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above: Metal fascia
below:  5in gutter with wedges, Leaf Proof and tulip rain chain.
 below: Copper Tulips rain chain
This is 7-1/4 inch fascia gutter available in 20 ft. lengths
rain deflector
This is 6 inch half round copper gutter with stamped hangers and 4 inch downspouts.  Copper is available in 20 ft. lengths.
below: This is 5 inch half round copper with solid brass hangers.
below: This is 5in O.G. gutter with 2x3 downspout
Below: 5in copper gutter
above: inside miter
below:Tulip rain chain
below: inside your gutter
This is standard 5 inch O.G. or K style gutter.  This materials is formed on the job to necessary lengths. This job was set on cedar block wedges.
 5in O.G.